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Luxury in the 21st Century design worldwide partnership | August 2023 Edition

August, 2023

A holistic and culturally curated approach by dwp

dwp shares our approach into the transformative world of 21st century luxury design and architecture, characterized by its shift from ostentation to a holistic, sustainable, and socially responsible approach.

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Luxury as a Destination

Explore the evolution of high-end travel and living as it transcends mere opulence, embracing sustainability, wellness, and cultural immersion in the quest for transformative experiences.

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The Carlton Al Moaibed Hotel

dwp designed The Carlton Al Moaibed Hotel’s transition into Saudi Arabia’s inaugural Vignette Collection Hotel epitomizes the convergence of traditional values with modern luxury, reflecting the nation’s Vision 2030 goals.

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dwp triumphs at International Architecture and Design Awards 2023

At the International Architecture and Design Awards 2023, dwp secured Gold and Silver Awards for their excellence in hotel and residential interior design.

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