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dwp | The Travel Edition : Art, Design & AI

May, 2023

Intersection of Art & Design in Hospitality
Art Enhancing the Guest Experience

Art is a powerful tool that has the ability to elevate an ordinary experience into an extraordinary one. In the world of design, art serves as an endless source of inspiration and boundless imagination. For architects and interior designers, integrating art into their design process is key to creating aesthetically pleasing and functional spaces.

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Ibis Styles Bangkok Silom Wins LIV Award

An Innovative Fusion of Thai and Contemporary Aesthetics

We’re excited about our recent success in hospitality design, as the Ibis Styles Bangkok Silom hotel secures a coveted LIV Interior Design Hotel award held in Budapest in April. Located within Bangkok’s vibrant business and entertainment district near Lumpini Park, the hotel offers 264 vibrantly modern rooms, alongside an array of dynamic spaces for guests to rest and indulge in Thai street style cuisine at Prun Rod Restaurant.

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AI and Generative Design

dwp leverages the Creative Revolution in Hotel Design

The hospitality industry is witnessing an exciting transformation as AI and Generative Design join forces to create extraordinary spaces. With a keen focus on bespoke experiences, efficiency, and sustainability, these groundbreaking technologies are crafting a captivating new world of hotel and resort design.

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