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dwp China Studio: A Unique Blend of Global Vision and Local Expertise

The dwp China Studio is witnessing a significant moment with the return of a distinguished local talent. Song’s journey has come full circle, beginning his career at dwp and now leading the charge at the China studio. With over 25 years in the design field, Song has spearheaded significant projects across China, working closely with renowned international organisations. His design approach emphasises immersive experiences, underlining his commitment to unique, contextually relevant design strategies.

At dwp China, Song’s integration means blending his unique design sensibilities with the studio’s ethos. His expertise is not just in design but also in incorporating technological advancements and maintaining high quality standards in every project.

Managing Director | dwp’s Shanghai studio
Mingzhong Song, Managing Director | dwp Shanghai 

Song’s leadership is complemented by the talents of Chen Yang, known for her precise aesthetic judgement, and Meng Tong, a Design Director with a significant impact. Their combined experience is set to leave a lasting mark on China’s design landscape. The team, comprising diverse skills, is poised for recognition.

Meng Tong, Design Director | dwp Shanghai 

Meng Tong, a veteran in architectural design, is celebrated for his work with major brands like IHG and Marriott. His deep understanding of Chinese traditional culture and architecture, combined with his knowledge of governmental requirements, has been crucial in his success with urban planning and skyscraper projects. Meng’s design philosophy centres around creating distinct narratives for each project, aligning with client visions while meeting expectations.

Chen Yang | Design Director
Chen Yang, Design Director | dwp Shanghai 

Chen Yang, another key member at dwp China, is recognised for her precision and meticulous approach. Her experience spans luxury interior designs and finishing at HBA China and advanced prototype work. Her design ethos marries practicality with beauty, aiming to exceed what is expected.

The dwp China Studio stands out for its blend of experienced wisdom and fresh perspectives. Under the leadership of Song and his team, the studio is making strides in both the cultural and commercial realms in China. Their designs are not just innovative but also deeply connected to Chinese heritage.

With the support of Chen Yang and Meng Tong, the studio offers a range of skills tailored to the Chinese market. Their work garners respect both locally and internationally, continually elevating design standards.

Partnering with dwp’s global network, the China Studio adds an international dimension to its projects. This fusion of ideas ensures that while their work is globally relevant, it remains in harmony with Chinese cultural and design principles. As a result, dwp China Studio produces designs that are globally captivating and authentically represent Chinese design, solidifying its place in the international design community.

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