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A minute with Michael Reeves

After a 20 year career creating high fashion in New York and London, Michael Reeves turned his eagle-eye for style and flair to Interior Design. Opening in London’s Brompton Cross in 1995, his first shop offered a treasure-trove of unique home accessories, vintage and antique pieces. Soon clients wanted the “Michael Reeves look,” and were commissioning him to design their homes. In 1998 Michael Reeves won the prestigious Andrew Martin International Interior Designer of the Year Award.

What drew you to design + what do you still love about it?

After a 25 year career in fashion, the transition was very smooth. The similarities between interiors and furniture design are surprisingly close. Indeed – for me – the principles are the same. The silhouette, planning the proportions, adding the detail: pockets, trims, and finally dressing to create the final “look”, a belt here a bracelet there, bag, shoes etc. An empty space is like a garment. I plan the proportions, choose the finishes and colour palette, adding furniture, lighting, accessories, drapery. All the while balancing the scale and proportions. The big secret is to know exactly when to stop adding detail and accessories to create harmony.

I still get a thrill every time we complete a project, no matter the size or location. If the pleasure ever stops that will be the time for me to stop!

What is your favourite quote

“Not good enough”.

How do you summarise your creative ethos?

Scale. Proportion. Balance. Comfort.

What do you hope to achieve with your designs?

I hope to give pleasure to the people who will experience the spaces and the atmosphere I have helped create. I want to give people something they never knew they wanted.

What’s the first thing you do when you get out of bed?

Stretch and breathe.

What gives you energy?

Hope for the future.

How and why did you start your own company?

I had a small inheritance which I was willing to gamble on my own small shop studio. I wanted to prove (mostly to myself) that the way I mixed furniture and quirky accessories was as desirable as I  hoped.

Do you follow ‘rules’ or break them?

For me, there are no rules to break to begin with!


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