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Nature, Innovation, and Culture: Reflecting Core Values in a Vibrant Workspace

One Suntory

  • Thailand

One Suntory, situated on the 15th floor of the PARQ Building in Thailand, is an office space intricately designed to mirror Suntory Beverage & Food Thailand’s core values. The interior utilises natural materials and plant installations, embodying respect for nature and creating a serene, health-promoting environment. Flexible layouts and communal areas encourage employee collaboration and innovation, resonating with the ethos of embracing challenges. Water-themed elements and a sensory design echo the ‘Mizu To Ikiru’ promise and the commitment to consumer-centric experiences. Additionally, the incorporation of Thai cultural elements signifies a harmonious blend of local identity with Suntory’s global brand, underscoring their aspiration to be a beloved local entity.

Upon entering, one is greeted by the vibrant colour palette of turquoise, light blue, Pepsi blue, and white that the office incorporates into its design architecture. Acoustic slat ceilings in these lively hues along with the walls that tastefully combine the vivid colour palette with light wood finishes, add playful yet harmonious touches to the interior.

Adding to this uniqueness, each meeting room in the office represents various Suntory drinks. For instance, the BRAND’S Berry Essence theme shines through a pink and purple room, whereas the BRAND’S Pro theme reflects in an orange room. Further enhancing the ambiance, the café area features modern, joyful LED neon signs on the wall, aligning with the company’s commitment to its product offerings. The entire design approach reinforces Suntory’s dedication to creating a well-being and joy-filled environment.

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