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Siemens Experience Centre, Dubai

The Blueprint: A Customer Experience Center sits at the heart of Expo 2020 Dubai, right next to the Al Wasl Plaza in the future Siemens building. The Experience center that speaks to Siemens as a partner with the capacity to see more potential all around us through an open, intelligent, intuitive framework. A promise to enable the next level of customers’ digital transformation journeys. An invitation to explore Siemens’ blueprint for future cities, and a more resilient world.

The design brief was to create a destination (as part of Expo) reflective of the Siemens brand and include a flexible working environment where Siemens employees can gather and collaborate.

The concept design by dwp was shaped by a deep understanding of the brand and its evolution. The beautiful, rich history of Siemens was the starting point. Visitors start exploring this the moment they step into the space and move around the core of the building. Being carried through the space by the movement of the design, the history steps back as the design moves into the futuristic shape of the “future” – a smooth, organic growth of the exterior projection that wraps around the facade & the boundary of the space; defining the movement through the space and guiding the visitors around while showing the innovative & futuristic Siemens projects.

The one element that made this project unique in delivery as the creative initiative of presenting the concept through a video. This was the starting point of a great journey.

As part of World Expo in Dubai, the process had to follow the internal structure. Designing this project locally while meeting international standards, as well as staying fully compliant to Expo standards was a progressive journey. Collaborating internationally and locally through workshops with the client and the contractor assured the project would end in success for all.

Creative planning was applied in this design. The inclusion of a flexible work environment using movable furniture, adjustable desks and surfaces that can be written on and/ or projected on are shaping the future ways of working. In collaboration with the digital consultant, we defined the journey into the future through the innovative experiential spaces of the Experience Centre.
Through a creative planning process we made sure the guest experience begins from the moment they step into the space.

The balance between the raw finishes (reflective of the honest, raw and rich history of the brand) and neat, polished and reflective finishes (reflective of the innovation & futuristic approach) bring a real company sense to the space, allowing the visitor to explore the company from creation into the future.

From the very beginning the entire project considered the sustainable impact on the environment – being one of the spaces that remained after Expo 2020 finished. The space will be used by Siemens employees every day for the next few years. All materials have been carefully selected to comply with Expo Sustainable Standards as well as being sourced locally. Greenery integration and the wellbeing of employees by creating a space for collaboration and relaxation were also considered as part of the overarching scheme.

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