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Changing consumer behaviours bring new opportunities through design

In 2018 dwp is focusing on solutions to our clients’ ever changing requirements. These are often brought about by social and technological change, and ever evolving consumer behaviour.  


The ever-changing demands of consumers is one of the biggest concerns our clients have, as they seek to tailor buildings, spaces and experiences fit for the modern lifestyle. Those consumer behaviours are constantly evolving. Reacting and responding to global trends and individual needs, consumers now demand a highly customised lifestyle.

Our clients expect a premium level of service and experience from every space they engage with on a daily basis, be that the hotels they frequent, or their working and living environments. Consumers share their opinion, voicing their perspectives in real-time through a constantly evolving online feedback loop of social media and real time mobile technologies. The pressure on clients to deliver against this is enormous.

In response to our clients’ changing needs we have reshaped our group practice. Our technological infrastructure is now completely cloud based across all our systems, allowing us to work and operate as a truly global company. Our interconnected team across the world combines the best of global expertise with excellent local delivery. We move forward with our clients, responding to change in real time, improving our service and saving precious time as a result. We develop personal relationships with our clients locally and globally, even if we’re not physically in the same place.  

We’re also seeing an increased blurring of the lines between sectors, reflecting consumer behaviour. The workplace is now also the social space, a place to eat and drink as well as live and of course work. Communities are being redefined as a result; places where people with similar interests and jobs are clustering together in different parts of the city, changing the way that urban centres should be planned and designed.

We understand that every opportunity requires a bespoke solution, often requiring insight from other specialisms. We have cross fertilised our sector specialisms so that our group is fit for purpose. For example, we understand that our service can no longer simply be about providing a hotel, it’s about providing hospitality experiences, with agile work spaces and relevant retail and F&B opportunities. Tying this together with master planning and urban planning expertise, we help our clients understand and design for the minds of the consumers they seek to attract.

The year promises huge opportunities for those who are not prepared to stand still. We look forward to creating designs that solve the our clients’ problems and creating new successful partnerships.

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