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Nowy Rynek is a mixed-use development with an office building featuring a façade shifting from green to rusty pink, integrating terraced arcades and a dynamic patio

New Market (Nowy Rynek)

  • Poland

The Nowy Rynek investment is a multiphase mixed-use project. The office building is part of it, being an added value for the city, showing that the surroundings are just as important as the quality of the offices themselves. The New Market is distinguished by its unique and original façade, which shimmers in shades of green turning to a rusty pink towards the top. The lower storeys feature glass storefronts that aim to lift the building off the ground. In order to give the building a lighter appearance, the character and colours of the façades were varied and covered with a vertical arrangement of angles, which also act as shades.

It was important for us to link the complex to the Wilda residential area, so that the mass of the office building does not dominate the neighbouring buildings. The design of the bulging structures and terraced arcades was intended to break up the massive mass and give it some visual lightness and subtlety. The grand patio and its shape generates a dynamic experience for the users thanks to the changes of light, reflections and colors throughout the day.


Client: Skanska

Area: 33 435 sqm

Location: Poznan, Poland

Completion: 2021

Certification: LEED Core and Shell Platinum, WELL Health-Safety-Rating, WELL Core and Shell Gold, “Building without barriers”

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