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House near the Polish-Ukrainian border blends into the Bieszczady Mountains with turf-covered roofs and corten walls, framing views without obscuring the natural beauty

House in Bieszczady

  • Poland

The house was built near the Polish-Ukrainian border. The beautiful and wild areas of the Bieszczady Mountains delight with their melancholy and abundance of nature, attracting wildlife enthusiasts.

The house sinks into the mountainous landscape. The architecture draws boundaries with nature. From the road it will remain unfenced. In places, space penetrates the massing, elsewhere it overlaps the building. The roof covered with an earth structure with a layer of turf inscribed the house into the context of the place and weakened the sense of its presence against the backdrop of the Otryt – a picturesque mountainous range of the Bieszczady Mountains.

The house emphasises the beauty of the place without negatively affecting its perception. The corten-covered building frames the view, in places even duplicating it with reflections on the large glazing.

The architecture hides among the greenery, thus opening up the house to a panorama of the overlapping Bieszczady summits. At the same time, it does not take this view away from others. On the side of the neighbouring development, the house was designed to resemble a break in the hill, while on the north side it retains the character of a building that has its own scale and mass.

When the building covered itself with a rusty coating and a thick layer of greenery it lost itself in the landscape.

The plot, in a planned manner and in keeping with natural processes, cured most of the traces of architectural intervention, leaving in view only those elements that emphasised the designed tectonics of the site.


Client: Henniger Investment S.A.

Area: 352,58 sqm

Location: Lutowiska, Poland

Completion: 2020

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