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CD Projekt campus aims to create a sustainable, modern workspace for a top game developer in Warsaw's Praga Północ, with a focus on environmental and workplace wellbeing

CD Projekt Campus

  • Poland

CD Projekt campus is a long term investment, aiming at creating a sustainable, modern and flexible work environment for one of most successful and influential video game developers. The project is a redevelopment of CDPR’s Warsaw HQ, situated in post post-industrial part of Praga Północ district. Sustainability, rehabilitation of post industrial landscape, flexibility of work space as well as overall wellbeing of the workplace are main ambitions and problems we are tackling in close knit cooperation with the Investor. Out of 9 stages of the project, first, the EV car parking building with recreational space on the roof is finished, first new office building is under way, and the third stage is on a multibranch concept design stage. We are also working with the city on the development of the master plan for the area. EV car parking was nominated for the Architectural Prize of the President of Warsaw, a prestigious award granted yearly to developments highlighting best architectural practices and focusing on current industry issues, such as sustainability, environmental responsibility and accessibility.


Client: CD Projekt Red

Area: 80 618 sqm

Location: Warsaw, Poland

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