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The First District in Katowice transforms a former coal mine into a green, open housing area, balancing modern architecture with Silesia's character and residents' needs

The First District

  • Poland

The First District was created in the heart of Katowice, on site of the former ‘Katowice’ coal mine, where the city started to develop. This post-industrial area, after the excavation works stopped, is a direct buffer between the existing Bogucice residential district and the Culture Zone. The housing complex as a whole was to create a new space open to the surroundings. The objective of the design was also to limit the gross covered area to provide as much green space as possible.

The buildings have a balanced composition, without unnecessary ornamentation. The buildings are open, pedestrianised and embedded in the park-like greenery. The entire housing complex is intended to reflect the pragmatic character of Silesia. Every architectural element here has been considered with a view to the contemporary needs of the residents and their lifestyle. Tall buildings with large glazing provide access to natural light and beautiful views. They are spaced far enough apart from each other to ensure that each tenant has a sense of intimacy.

Client: TDJ Estate

Area: 54 190 sqm

Location: Katowice, Poland

Completion: 2023

Awards: European Property Awards 2022 in Residential High-rise Architecture category

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