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Elegance and Style Redefined in Exclusive Residences with Diverse Global Flair

Siraninn Private Residence Clubhouse

  • Thailand

The village features 28 units with three types of houses – Residence I (551 sqm), Residence II (682 sqm), and Residence III (820 sqm) – and a clubhouse spanning approximately 1200 sqm. Despite the limited number of units, the village was designed to exude elegance, peace, and homeliness.

Given the price range, location of the village, branding, and concept design brief of “The Real Estating,” the project team was tasked with designing three show houses – one for each house type – each showcasing a distinct style: Milano style, Manhattan Style, and Chelsea style. The project team aimed to demonstrate that, regardless of the style, place or culture, “The Real Estating” remains an integral element of every home.

Lastly, the clubhouse was designed to embody “The Real Estating” concept, showcasing a vast and serene space with organic, oriental and craft materials such as wood and book-match marble, which contrasted with modern industrial materials. This technique created a timeless mood and tone for the clubhouse, thus achieving the main concept’s objective.

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