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Inherited and inspired by the architectural design concept of “shanshui within the city”

XIXI Intime City Shopping Complex

  • China

The project is located at the junction of Yuhang District and West Lake District, Hangzhou City, Zhejiang, adjacent to Zhejiang University and Xixi wetlands. The complex, comprises shopping and offices, covers an area of about 71,000 square meters, with a total floor area of about 287,000 square meters and underground floor area of about 124,000 square meters.

Inherited and inspired by the architectural design concept of “shanshui within the city”, to consider the landscape as an extension of the building, treat the building as the mountains, the landscape as the water, and make the two interacting with each other, trying to interpret the harmonious and lingering Jiangnan space story. We come up with the theme ”water”, and name respectively seven different forms of water: shadow, waterfall, spring, dew, ice, fog, river, as the characteristics of each space.

The form and color of the landscape derive from the architecture, and creates a complete and unified atmosphere together with the building. At the same time, with the relatively high green ratio, we took full account of the characteristics of plants and created the high green biomass commercial landscape, and thus conducted a preliminary exploration in the ecological aspects of commercial landscape.Client WELLCREW

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