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A very local journey

U Nimman Hotel

Located in trendy Nimmanhaemin Road, the setting for the U-Nimman design story is unashamedly Chiang Mai: historical Northern Thai Lanna accents with a modern twist.

Guests have a tangible experience of the city’s cultural identity and feel a strong sense of place as soon as they enter U-Nimman. After examining the culture, lifestyle and history of Chiang Mai in local art (colours, designs and graphics) the artisan history of the town was literally woven by dwp|elegance into the very fabric of the hotel. Crafts and textiles were chosen to pepper modern renditions of tradition. Font details on the signage were created as a contemporary interpretation of traditional Northern Thai letters and numerical designs.

Patterns on the wall corridors connect seamlessly with a liner pattern on the carpets. A neutral palette with dark grey, dark oak and bright pink helps to highlight the designs and the background is controlled with lighting design and bold graphics. The resulting hotel is a piece of living contemporary art, respecting the local customs and culture. Guests enjoy bold spaces rich in local colours, textures and fabrics, graphics and artwork in the Lanna vernacular.

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