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98 Wireless

  • Thailand

Prestigious residential project, 98 Wireless, is located in the heart of Bangkok’s CBD, hospitality and diplomatic districts. Thailand’s top list property developer, Sansiri visualised a property that emanated timeless luxury.

Unique customised Typeface, graphics and patterns were created for the interior and exterior spaces. Residents experience a multi-sensory ambience of panache. Contrasting finishes include matt with glossy, cast iron look with brushed brass and glistening gold with flat black. High quality natural materials such as marble, stone, iron, wood complete the sleek, neat finishing.

Finer details such as the patterns and graphics on the iron fence focus on skilled artisan work with the concept: less is more. The bespoke artisan signage is carefully and precisely engraved into the stone and marble for a real sense of authoritative, established and confident design. There is no doubt that residents and guests of 98 Wireless know they are in a prestigious landmark.

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