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Joyful Femininity in Tropical Paradise: Indulge in Radiance at Cute Press

Cute Press

  • Thailand

The Cute Press flagship store, located at The Mall Thapra in Bangkok, embodies a concept of joyful fun, fresh femininity, and happy moments. The atmosphere exudes confidence and radiance, with tropical touches that transport customers to a vibrant paradise. The beauty brand’s identity is represented by the distinctive Cute Press purple, which serves as an accent throughout the store. The primary colour palette includes aubergine, dusty lilac, and pink, while splashes of yellow and pink orange infuse the scheme with vibrant energy. Green hues in the form of indoor plants complete the tropical theme.

The display area showcases oval cosmetic displays and wooden shelves, adorned with tropical indoor plants at the top, offering a visually pleasing and inviting shopping experience. To enhance the tropical vibes, wooden floor, a rattan insta seat, and LED lighting create a warm and welcoming ambiance. The overall design concept, colour palette, and tropical elements seamlessly come together to create an enticing shopping environment that invites customers to indulge in a world of beauty and confidence.

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