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Thailand office blessing ceremony

At dwp we are proud of our entrepreneurial spirit. We are all about pushing boundaries and stepping into the future with cutting edge sustainable and creative design technology. We have embraced digital transformation, architectural revolution, cloud based systems and smart technology!

We are an International Thai company and proud of it… so are also all about being very Thai.

In Thailand it is traditional to ask for blessing and make offerings at a Spirit House. Spirit houses are built to give the spirits a home, to ask them for permission to use the land and to cast a positive eye over business. 

Incense filled the air, candles burned, flowers bloomed and red soda pop tempted the spirits to drink to dwp’s continued success and for the spirits to help look after dwp and our staff.

Our new address is Harindhorn Building Level 2, 54 North Sathorn Road. If you have any questions please contact us at or +66 2267 3939.

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